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Roboticist - Software developer

Software Engineer, Bito Robotics, Inc.

About Me

Roboticist, programmer and learning enthusiast

I am a software engineer at Bito Robotics, Inc.

I love problem solving, coding and exploring new skills. Professionally, I am passionate about leading teams and developing software.

  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. My research focus was in robot motion-planning solutions and understanding kinematics/dynamics of non-linear systems. At CMU, I was a graduate researcher at Biorobotics Lab, Robotics Institute (CMU)
  • Bachelors of Technology, Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. During my undergraduate studies, I worked on various problems like design and optimization of delta (parallel) robot. I also designed engine intake system for Formula SAE Car to compete at Formula Student UK (Silverstone) 2009
  • Drove, self made, formula style car on Formula 1 track as lead driver

I get excited working on motion planning problems and have experience with PID controllers, LQR controllers, MPC framework and trajectory optimization



Software development

Developed robust and efficient software using C++ (C++17 revision) on Linux system


Developed and deployed robotics software and scheduling software on Linux systems


Have work experience with MySQL and Mongo.
Recently learning datastore

Team Leader

Led robotics team of 6 engineers at Bito Robotics. Led team of 82 people toward productions delivery at Procter & Gamble (P&G)


My journey...
Bito Robotics, Inc.
  • Led robotics team (6 software engineers) on interdisciplinary projects. Designed and led the internship program for summer 2019; hiring, mentorship and projects charters
  • Led the refactoring of object-detection and object-tracking library utilizing C++11, STL algorithm library, smart pointers and design patterns
  • Leading the development and architecture design of dynamic optimizer for task scheduling under hard and soft constraints. Devised and implemented a new algorithm and collaborating with CMU professor to explore other algorithms.
  • Conceptualized, designed and developed (C++) independent products for task assignments in multi agent scenarios. Optimization considers agents’ capability, availability and workload. Devised the use of MySQL database for storing dynamic tasks
  • Pitched the idea of using controller in the MPC framework. Tested an algorithm in Python and later implemented in C++. Tested in simulation. Ongoing tests on physical robot
  • Procter & Gamble (P&G)
  • Delivered 5.7% organic growth in FY 14-15 by Work Process Improvement
  • Leading Low Cost Automation Solutions to enable annual cost savings of $350,000
  • Led the design and fabrication of Safety system for 29 High risk equipments for Category 3 compliance
  • Procter & Gamble (P&G)
  • Managed a team of 78 P&G employees with diverse educational background to deliver 20% production growth and $1.35M loss elimination
  • Increased Process Reliability by 5% via robust Autonomous and Progressive Maintenance on all equipments and Unplanned stops reduction by 50%
  • Enabled 80% capacity growth ‘GUARD’ product in just 2 years by increasing capacity of bottle neck equipments and increasing productivity
  • Delivered 1st ever Instantaneous Start Up in India B&R Business Unit by delivering more than 85% PR for first 30 days after commissioning of equipment. This resulted in $600,000 annual savings to the company
  • Loss Elimination Pillar Leader: Qualified as per P&G global standards on Integrated Work System (IWS)
  • Site Productivity Leader – leading site wide projects to double the site productivity in 3 years
  • Site Defect Handling DMS Owner – Leading Defect/Abnormality Handling (Daily Management System) at Site to drive “0” defect culture in 100% of the organization (over 400 employees)
  • Alstom
  • Numerical analysis of injectors used in pelton turbines
  • Project 1: Developed universal mesh topology for an injector using ‘ICEM’ software which can be used on any other injector with different injector opening. Created 3D hexagonal mesh which was then imported in ‘CFX’ software to do Numerical Analysis
  • Project 2: Reduced time & effort in doing mesh topology and numerical analysis for every iteration in dimensions during design phase. Automated the whole process using VB Script to combine the two steps in Numerical analysis
  • The software then created could be used to show the direct results of various injector openings once the CAD model of an injector is available. This reduced the effort from 4 hours to just 3 minutes for every iteration during design
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